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"Greetings. It is my prayer and hope that you are well. It is long since we communicated but I just wanted to inform you that the students are excited. They are looking forward to June and now are asking for the day you get here. This has even improved our relationship with the other public trade schools. They are having matches to prepare for the day. Thank you so much for this wonderful motivation for our students and community. We are looking forward to meeting you!" -Rose Buguso, Tumiani Founder

"I am so awed by what you have accomplished." -Donna Gamache-Griffiths, Esq.

"I fell so in love with the mission of Cleats Count that I didn’t think I could fall as in love with any other company, but I’m so excited for all y’all are doing through Crossbar."-Savanah Alaniz, Customer

"You're amazing at what you do." -Annie Messier, Customer

"Keep doing amazing things. Watching this journey is incredible and truly inspiring." Carly DeLiberty, Customer

"Thank you for inspiring people to do more good in the world! Never stop."-Averie LeBlanc, Customer

"So stoked to be supporting this cause, keep up the good work" -Trevor Hatchard, Customer

"The lengths this program has come to is unbelievable and inspiring. I’m so proud to watch this grow and brag and talk about it to everyone I know. Cleats Count and now Crossbar has impacted so many lives and will continue to do so. I’m excited to see what the future holds." -Katelyn Vieira, Customer

"I love everything this organization has to offer! Taylor and Jordan really put their hearts and souls into this project. I love to see their passion come through their posts and stories! Keep up the amazing work!" -Morgan McBrier, Customer

"It makes me so proud to be connected with people who are changing the world everyday. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey."-Emma Fruhling, Customer

"What the two of you have done and what you guys are doing now is truly amazing."- Allyson Blaisdell, Customer

"Congratulations on everything you guys have accomplished so far! What you are doing is truly amazing and inspirational, and you are using the sport so many of us love to have a positive impact on the world! It's so awesome to have seen where you guys started to where you are now. Keep doing amazing things and know you are making this world a better place."-Taylor Patterson, Customer

"I love everything about this."-Hannah Page, Customer

"I am so proud and excited to be apart of something amazing."-Rachel Cox, Customer

"I love everything you’ve done so far and it’s so awesome to see soccer bringing us all together for such an amazing cause."-Emily Hogan, Customer

You're doing an amazing thing." -Abbigael Cook, Customer

"What you guys are doing is amazing and truly inspiring. I look forward to hearing about all of the great things you are able to accomplish in the future."-Greg Carlson, Customer

"I have loved watching Crossbar grow into the amazing organization that it is. It’s inspiring! I can’t wait to see the things you guys do in the future."-Isis Van Putten, Customer

"Thank you so much for spreading this amazing game throughout the globe. So proud of you guys and keep up the hustle! You’re making RI proud! You’re such an inspiration to me."-Caitlyn Dawes, Customer

"This company is going to change the world and I want to be along for the ride." Donna Carnes, Customer

"I have never been more proud to support a labor of love that will change the world."- Loryssa Sylvia, Customer

"Thank you so much. I am so excited to rep out here in California!"-Callan Kinnan, Customer

"KEEP UP THE INCREDIBLE WORK." -Kristina Drocic, Customer

"What you guys are doing is incredible."-Nate Poniatowski, Customer

"You guys are SPECTACULAR! In what you believe in and how you carry those beliefs out! Keep spreading the Kindness." -Katie Burton, Customer

"It's been incredible seeing what you guys have done and continue to do! Keep changing lives! I'm more than happy to have found such an amazing organization. Much love!"-Saul Nuno, Customer

"It has been so amazing to stand by Cleats Count from the beginning. I know that both Taylor and Jordan have put in sooooo many late nights, early mornings, and everything in between to grow in their business endeavors."-Olivia Difonso, Customer