As athletes, we know that everybody wants to be the best. And a lot of times everyone claims that they are the best. So then how do we know who really is?

The answer is simple. The Marriam-Webster defines “the best” as “of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality.” Let me tell you who we are and why we hit every single one of those points better than anyone else in the market.


Aren’t you so tired of seeing businesses like Amazon contribute almost nothing to the greater good of society? Oh, you didn’t know this? In 2019 Amazon is paying $0 in taxes on $11+ billion in profit. $0 for schools. 0$ for firefighters. 0$ for infrastructure. 0% for research and healthcare. This is - for lack of a better word - insane. That’s why we’re here. We wanna prove to people that we can use business for good. That a financial return and a social impact ARE NOT mutually exclusive.

At Crossbar, we have the best of both worlds: business impact and a social impact. We are a soccer goal supplier and we use 100% of our profits to build schools in developing countries. That’s right. 100%. This means, after we sell a goal, we cover our expenses - like paying our hardworking, soccer loving employees and reinvesting in the company to grow - and then use that profit to help lift communities out of poverty through education. Why? Because what is the POINT of all of our money just sitting in the bank? We can’t take it to the grave. And there’s people that really need it.

SO. Imagine this concept: We use business to generate a profit and then use that profit for good. And year over year the company grows, the employees make a living, and communities around the world are granted new opportunities to rise above the poverty line. Its the best of all worlds. It makes so much sense. And its more than possible every day if we -as business owners - would just put our bank account and egos aside. This to us, is the most effective way to do business.

We currently have blue prints and a construction plan for a beautiful, three story school building at an orphanage called Tumaini in Malava, Kenya. We are funding this school through the sales of our goals. Ever since our last visit there, Tumaini has found a special place in our heart and we cannot wait to grant then further access to education. The best part: this is just the first community we’re going to impact. The change we can make is exponential if we grow in the soccer world.


When you’re looking for a soccer goal, you NEED good quality. Beyond withstanding the weather, you have to sustain players launching shots at it day in and day out. We’ll we’re happy to tell you we’ve got that covered as well.

All of our goals are FIFA & NCAA approved and manufactured to the highest quality. All safety tests passed. All specs met. All industry expectations exceeded. Beautiful, aluminum, powered coated white goals. And with that, we promise you the test of time. Because at Crossbar, the best is not just expected, its is demanded.

And what’s the one thing more important than the quality of the goal? The quality of the service.We put an emphasis on creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our customers. That means treating you like family and always being there for you. Heck you can even have our personal phone numbers.


You can want every product in the world, but the ones that are the most desirable are the ones that feel in reach. That’s why, at Crossbar, we can provide you with the best quality at the best valued price and with a variety that can meet any and all of your needs. Why? Because we want our goals on your fields because it means building a school, and another, and another.

Why can’t we all win? That’s why we provide true value. With our unlimited 5 year warranty - one that is not beaten - your goal is covered and we will take the weight off your shoulders of having to pay for new goals, or replacement parts, for half a decade.

So I’ll leave you with this. If you’re reading this you’re probably either a soccer coach, player, employee, or businessperson. And I KNOW that all of us have one thing in common: we want to win. At Crossbar, that’s what everyone does. Everyone wins. Everyone benefits. The customer. The business. And society. And to us, that’s what it means to be the best.

Now, we want you to stop and try to think of a reason you shouldn’t consider Crossbar when you’re buying new soccer goals for your facility. If you can’t, we challenge you to share this article or drop us an email. We plan to change everything and we’re really glad you’re here for it.