We've been travelers our whole lives. It's practically second nature for us to be on a plane either flying to a game, a job, back and forth between family or heading on a new adventure. But never in our lives have we experienced something like flying to Malava, Kenya. Between the 3 hour flights to ATL, the 14 hour flight to Qatar, the 12 hour (sleepless) overnight stay in Doha, the 6 hour flight to Nairobi, the 1 hour flight to Kisumu and the 2 hour mitatu (bus) ride to Malava - specifically the Tumaini Miles of Smiles Orphanage - our bodies and minds had never been so tired and confused. And trust us when we say that we're gifted at functioning on no sleep (ask our roommates), but this was something different. The funny part was we didn't even get uncomfortably tired until the bus ride. We're 100% sure our lack of exhaustion up until this point was fueled by our pure excitement. There really are no words for us to fully explain how this trip made our hearts feel, so here's our best: It's a feeling of genuine and immense happiness that you can only feel when you experience it yourself. Although it’s a feeling that is hard to explain, it would be unjust of us to keep these emotions and experiences to ourselves when they have so much meaning and importance. So, we write these posts to do our best to let you into our world -a world of incredible adventure, heartfelt friendship and life changing perspective. And like the cleats we play in, our intentions are to tie you up into this mesmerizing, beautiful adventure. Thank you for reading this. Nothing is even possible without you.