There's no such thing as beast mode. There's just beasts. And we're like this all the time. 

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Creative, ambitious, and inspired by her love for the game, Taylor Ross created Crossbar after putting her four passions together: soccer, business, art, and giving back. She is wildly passionate about the game and played D1 ball on the East Coast. When not on the field, Taylor loves art, film, photography, and books. She hopes to influence the people around her to do something that matters in this world, making herself and everyone around her happy in the process. Although originally from Rhode Island, Taylor's immediate family resides all over the country, leading her to love a life of travel and adventure. She has big plans for Crossbar and genuinely enjoys spending everyday chasing her dreams through world's most beautiful game. 

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Jordan is a creative, compassionate, adventure-seeking dude. As he works as a computer engineer for a Technology company in Denver, Jordan strives to make the world a better, more innovative place for everyone. When he's not thinking up genius ideas, writing code, or problem solving, his passions include sports, cooking, hiking, and working on technology. Jordan's talent with kids, energetic personality and dedication to EVERYTHING he does has led him to be one of the biggest factors in Crossbar's success so far.